What happens after that depends as much as ever on the whims of chemistry and compatibility. OK Cupid's Christian Rudder has mined his site's data and concluded that race has more to do with it than most of us acknowledge.

Anime and videogames are my favorite sto I am an average person and a bit on the shy side at first.

I have had my share of broken hearts and want to reassure you I am not here to play games.

I've never been told that I'm shy so I guess that makes me rather outgoing. I believe our personal relationship with God is the most important thing and then doing Gods will for yo Hello, what a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Many of us will probably remember that and regardless of how dire things might look, the simple fact that we access and have the ability to interact on this site means we have it pretty good and have much to be thankful for.

I'm a very happy person most of the time with a great sense of humor.

I enjoy reading, studying, and praying but like most people, I realize I should do it more. I am a faithful woman who wants to meet someone whether it's as a friend, date or eventually more. I relate to people through work and through the arts, both of which I'm very passionate about.

My priorities are: 1) God, 2) my son, 3) my family, 4) my friends, 5) work. I look forward to spending time with a guy just hanging out, going to a movie, or spending time doing something interesting. But until I know whether someone else is too, I tend to be kind of quiet so as not to force my enthusiasm on them. Although I'm quite traditional theologically, I'm also pretty open-minded and love learning new things, especially about other cultures (I've taken a few years of classes for both Hebrew and Japanese).

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Maybe the allegedly tall, dark and handsome man you connected with online after hundreds of emails turned out to be a dud.

I would like someone to talk with, share going to football games and be my buddy in my newest hobby, scuba diving.