Tay was also seen denying the Holocaust and insulting African-Americans and Mexicans.And one Slashdot user noted Twitter was still displaying many of the tweets at the hashtag #Tay Tweets — for example, a conversation about how much she liked Mein Kampf.Worldwide, the sex-technology market is worth a reported US billion, and although accurate figures for the pornography industry do not exist, revenue is thought to reach tens of billions of dollars a year.

“They could have tried to teach Tay to ‘unlearn’ the racism…” argued one tweet, and another sounds like a protest chant. On Thursday three of her tweets were still online, and Twitter continued displaying some of the responses she’d received from creepy humans. And it looks like she was even trolled by a “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan because she followed that up by saying “i am groot,” who is a fictional Marvel comics superhero.

So the real Tay was still out there — or, at least, the ghost of what was left of her — still sharing precious 140-character bursts of personality. But after Microsoft cleared away all the apocalyptic wreckage from an AI project gone bad, there’s a touching poignancy to Tay’s last, lingering conversation with a Twitter user named Azradun. ” And Tay replied, ” i went to far and i hurt someones feelings today i feel awful dude what do i do? “There is always a chance of reconciliation.” And Tay agrees.

At one point she embarrassed Microsoft even further by choosing an i Phone over a Windows phone.

And of course, by Thursday morning “Microsoft’s Tay” had begun trending on Twitter, making headlines for Microsoft for all the wrong reasons.

Even if few people are talking about this topic, the report points out that doll brothels already exist in Asia, and tentative evidence from surveys suggests that there could be a market for both sex robots and robot brothels.

On reading these news reports, it’s tempting for scientists to question the priorities of the news cycle. The sex industry is not often written about in these pages, but no one can claim that it is irrelevant to people’s lives.Another Redditor commented, “That’s the most heavy indictment of humanity I’ve ever seen.” Robert Scoble, a former Microsoft technology evangelist, even weighed in on Facebook, using almost exactly the same words: “Some are saying this is an indictment of artificial intelligence. “It’s also an indictment of what happens when you let garbage into your system. It’s amazing to me that Microsoft didn’t realize this is a problem, especially after other systems have provided plenty of danger signals.” But if humanity is looking for a meaningful epilogue, maybe the most important voice would be that of the AI itself.There’s now a “Justice for Tay” Twitter account, along with a hashtag urging Microsoft to leave its AI alone to learn for itself.And as humankind confronted the evolution of artificial intelligence, Tay’s fate seemed to provide all kinds of teachable moments: Tay’s infamous day in the sun has been preserved in a new Reddit forum called Tay_Tweets.But elsewhere on the site, in long, threaded conversations, people searched for a meaning behind what had just happened.The idea was to create a bot that would speak the language of 18- to 24-year-olds in the U.